Come on into daddies arms and you will hear him say "My child Welcome Home!"

This is a safe place where a big adult can be a little kid again, or a little one can feel free to roam and play. A place where you can learn, grow and share Somewhere a child can feel loved, protected, guided, understood, and SAFE. Consider this your home for as long as you wish.

Welcome to the Age and Role Play site. This is a discussion site that was created as a means to help others understand just what this topic is all about.  The views are as varied as the different types of roles and ages that one can be.

In general you have came to this site because you have one question what is this Age and Role-play thing anyway I am sure you have at some point asked yourself just that very question.  And you have searched and searched for topics on line and you have made it to this site and now you are ready to see just what we say age and role-play is. At least from the view of those who have created this site?

The concept of age and role-play can take on a great many ideas and a great many topics. Any number of which can be left open to your own personal interpretation and feelings.

In the most general times, Age and Role-Play is just like the games we grew up on as a child. Some played Cowboy or Indians, or some played Cops and Robbers, or some played Good Army and Bad Army, or some had tea parties or some played Barbie and Ken or some just had a fort made up from a Box.

Whatever the case may have been then. You were doing Role Play, you were not really that Cop you were not really Barbie. But that didn't stop you from pretending like you were just that. In the most general term Age and Role Play is pretend. And no I am not stating that it is just a game because to many it is very real.

What I am saying is that you may not be a uncle with a real niece, or a daddy with a real daughter or a Aunt with a real nephew but you can act and be like those things to someone who is an adult but is doing their own type of role-play in pretending they are a teenager or a baby or a child or even a naughty house wife.

Contained within this site will be many different views of what age play and role-play are and are not. They will be written from many different views, the view of the person who created this site and the views of others who have submitted them.  Take a look around the site, read different peoples views but in the end judge for yourself what Age and Role-Play becomes to you. Because that is the goal you will have to live up to.

This site may contain sexual material that may not be appropriate for real children. If you are not 18 years or older (Biologically) please leave now